COVID-19 – Club Update Page

This page has been created to provide a single source of information with regard to how WCBC is being impacted by COVID-19.

(Updated 04/21/20, 05/11/20, 06/02/20  – JWHaupt)

This page will be used to post updated information along with guidance with respect to club events.

We are continuing to monitor the situation and will provide additional updates regarding club activities and events that are scheduled to occur in the coming months. Our decisions will be based on a combination of guidance from local authorities along with our assessment of the ability to ensure the health and safety of event participants.

Major Events

    • Icicle – has been cancelled
    • Annual Picnic – has been cancelled
    • Doublecross – has been cancelled
    • Shorefire – to be held as scheduled (August 8)
    • Savage – to be held as scheduled (October 3)
    • Volunteer Brunch – to be held as scheduled (October 25)

Should an event be cancelled, options will be offered with respect to the pre-registration fees already paid.

Club-led rides

    • Amid the recent health concerns, and out of an abundance of caution, we have decided to discontinue posting club-led rides until such time that the current COVID-19 crisis has deescalated and its effects to the health of the community are less of a concern. 
    • As of March 14, we will not permit rides to be posted to the Ride Calendar through at least June 1st, at which point we will reassess the situation.  No club-sanctioned rides will occur before June 1st.
    • As of June 1st, no club-sanctioned rides will occur before June 15th and no ride postings are permitted on the Ride Calendar prior to that same date.
    • Ride Leader Training scheduled for April 19 will also be postponed to a future date (most likely in June, if the situation permits).  (No date yet determined)
    • May Tour 2020 led by John & Ceci McCormick – has been cancelled
    • Hawk Mountain Weekend led by Wally Hertler – see Ride Calendar

Club Stuff

    • Monthly Club Meetings have moved to a virtual online format – please contact JW Haupt at if you would like to receive an invitation to attend

We appreciate your understanding and hope that you will return to riding with the club once this pandemic event has waned.

Feel free to reach out to me directly should you have any questions.

JW Haupt
WCBC President