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17 Sep

Trailfest 2018 – Come See What It’s All About!

By Barb Gallagher

Trailfest:  A Celebration of Delaware’s Bike Paths and Greenways According to the League of American Cyclists Delaware ranks as one of the top 10 bike friendly states in the nation. Part of the state’s report card reveals that Delaware is in fifth place out of 50 states with regard to infrastructure and funding.  One of

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16 May

Bike Commuting Guide & 101 Benefits of Cycling

By Michael Katz

NATIONAL BIKE MONTH BIKE TO WORK DAY, FRIDAY, MAY 18 As you know, May is National Bike Month.  May 18th is National Bike to Work Day.  The two articles below were recently sent to the club for review by Daniel Atlas of and whether you plan to bike to work or not, the Bike

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15 Jun

Message From the President – It’s Hot, Drink Up!

By JW Haupt

Friends of mine who are not cyclists often ask, “How can you ride when it is so hot and humid during the summer months?”   I always respond with “It isn’t hot until you stop.” Although I may feel that way, it’s not the complete truth.  It is hot no matter how it feels when I’m riding, so

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19 May

Do You Even Zwift, Bro?

By Jaymi Cook

I Zwift. I Zwift in the winter because, admittedly, I hate riding in the cold. I Zwift on “I’m-late-coming-home-from-work-and-the-puppy-needs-some-quality-bonding-time” days. I Zwift when I feel like maybe – just maybe – I’ve gone out to dinner too many times this week and it’s pitch-black outside and I need to get some kind of spinning done.

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28 Apr

Recovery is not a four-letter word…

By Jaymi Cook

I hate to break it to you, but beer is not a recovery food. Not even the 95-calorie, fit-people-grace-the-advertisement-for-it, low-carb, one-step-better-than-water beer. I know… that makes me sad, too. But as we work our way into the cycling season and we shed some of our winter habits, we need to begin to consider how we

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