Delaware Doublecross 2022 – We Need YOUR Help

By JW Haupt

The WCBC Doublecross Metric event will be Saturday, June 25, based out of Smyrna High School, with additional rest stops at the Leipsic and Millington fire stations.

We need volunteers to help make this event a success.  Fun for the riders, and fun for you (you’ll get to say “Hi!” to many of your friends).  And if you want to ride in the Doublecross, you can volunteer for Route Marking, Rider Check In, Shopping, and Fruit Pick Up. 

If you have never volunteered before, this is a great way to meet a lot of the members while giving back to the club.  We are a volunteer run organization, so without the help of volunteers like you these events will not succeed.    

Can you help with any of these?  Please let us know!

Category Need at least Needed for time:
Rider Check In –  5-6 volunteers 6:30am – 9am
Smyrna HS Rest Stop –  2 volunteers 6:30am – 5pm
Leipsic Fire Sta Rest Stop –  3 volunteers 9am – noon
Millington Fire Sta Rest Stop –  3 volunteers 9am – 3 or 4pm
Fruit Pick-Up –  Help appreciated! prior to event
Route Marking –  5 volunteers prior to event
Mechanical Support –     
Shopping –  Help appreciated! prior to event

Also – we are looking for someone with a pick-up truck to transport the WCBC trailer from the Bear area to Smyrna High School and back, either Friday evening when the trailer should be picked up and could be left at SHS, or storing it overnight after pickup and arriving at Smyrna High School very, very early (6am latest). Someone with a tow-worthy vehicle (pick-up, not a car) with a hitch?  Please help save the Club $$$ if you can help on this.

Can you help?  I hope so!

If you can help, please email me at your earliest convenience or take a minute to sign up here –

Fred Hartman
Doublecross Event Director (2022)