Delaware Historical Marker Contest

historical-markerWant to have some fun doing something a little different this riding season?  Ride around the state with a purpose?  Learn something about the First State that you didn’t already know?  Maybe win a prize?

I’m sure that you’ve seen the Historical Markers all over the state.  You probably even stopped and took the time to read a couple.  What I’m proposing is that we have a contest where we see who can visit the most markers in a year – by bike of course.

The rules are basic: ride to the Historical Marker, take a picture that shows you with your bike alongside of the sign, and submit the picture to the Club.  It’s that simple.

The Delaware Public Archives operates this historical markers program and you will find these markers placed at historically significant locations throughout the state.  Most markers also have a unique number based on the County in which it is placed: NC for New Castle County, KC for Kent County and SC for Sussex County.

Now the “formal” Rules…

  1. Be Honest. For this contest, we will be following the rules set forth in the Honor System.  We are all adults and the prize isn’t worth cheating for, so please play fair.
  2. Ride to it. You must ride your bike to the markers.  Work it into a ride where you can visit multiple markers or make an epic trek to see a special one. Keep your eyes open because they are everywhere.
  3. closeupTake a picture. Once you arrive at a marker, stop and read the text to understand the significance of why it was placed at that particular location (this is a learning exercise, too!).  When you are finished reading – and before you ride off – take a picture of you and your bike alongside the marker.  Make sure we can see the heading on the marker and, if possible, the marker identification number in the lower corner.  We need to see the heading because not all markers have an identification number.
  4. sample

    Name: Dover

    Share it. Once you have a chance, visit the WCBC web site (, navigate to the Historical Marker Contest page and using the form provided, submit your picture.

  5. Check back. All submissions will be tabulated on a weekly basis, the pictures posted within a photo gallery for all to see, and the submissions tabulated in a spreadsheet.  The results will be posted in the form of a PDF on the web site each week so you can see how you are doing and how your friends are doing.
  6. Members only. Only Club members that are registered for the current year are eligible to play.  Please make sure your membership is current BEFORE you embark on this adventure because only pictures taken while you are a member will count.  (Read that again before you start this contest)
  7. Win stuff. A prize will be awarded to the cyclist who visits the most Historical Markers in each County.  In addition, the Grand Prize winner will be the cyclists that visits the most markers in the State of Delaware.
  8. Learn about Delaware. Please take the time to read the Historical Marker.  This is not a race and the object is not to see how quickly you can amass the greatest number of Historical Markers.
  9. Have fun. Go on a solo mission to find all of the markers within a 30 mile loop of your home or make it into a group event by getting a bunch of friends together and scour the countryside.  Think of it as a scavenger hunt and make it fun!
  10. GPS anyone. I have asked the Delaware Public Archives for a file identifying the markers by number and its longitude and latitude.  Once the file is available, I will provide a link to it on the contest page.  The file can be loaded into a GPS unit and stored as “way points” which can then be used for navigation.  I will also create a file that can be loaded up to Google Earth so a cyclist can create a map of the marker locations.  A link to that “KMZ” file will also be provided on the contest page when available.
  11. The contest will begin May 1, 2017 and end midnight November 30, 2017.  Pictures taken before or after those dates should not be submitted.  Remember – you MUST be a current member for your submissions to count toward your total.
  12. There will be questions. If you should have any questions, please contact me, JW Haupt at or

Best of luck to all those that participate.  Have fun and be safe!!

Contest Entry Form

Please submit one form per photo

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.