Doublecross Director Thankful for all the Help!

Thanks to all that made our 2019 WCBC Doublecross event a huge success.

We had over 335 riders participate, including 125 who pre-registered. 

I’d like to take this moment to thank all the volunteers that made our event so successful, for without them, this event couldn’t happen…
Publicity – Barb Gallagher
Registration, giveaways, supplies – Ed McNulty
Registration Team – April Hogan, Betsy Lambert, Brian Wilkinson, Leigh Belcher, Bob Stover, Wes Stafford, Michelle Zechman, JW Haupt
Smyrna Rest Stop – Lillian Bassett, Chris Lano, Mike Katz, Kevin Crocco
Leipsic Rest Stop – Wayne Barndt, Ken Williamson, Brigitte Sheehan, Larry Galpin, Dick Harder
Millington Rest Stop – Ed & Susan McNulty
SAG – Charlie Johnston, Mike Salter, Emily Ciancio
Route Markings – Ed & Susan McNulty, Jay & Barb Gallagher, Wayne Barndt, Glenn Nichols

We know we couldn’t do without those baked goods. Here are our baked goods providers:
Carol Bassett, Darree Clark, Marcia Cloud, Linda Conley, Kim Corrigan, April Hogan, Betsy Lambert, Dianne Leipold, Jeff Manlove, Keelin Murphy, Maureen Nichols, Fred Oldham, D. Schofield

Last but not least I wanted to thank a few that just stepped up and did whatever was asked of them and it was a lot. From route creation, cue sheet printing, food shopping, to helping all day: Emily Ciancio, Dianne Leipold, Bill Ebbott

Of course we couldn’t do this without our community resources including Smyrna High School, Leipsic Fire Hall, Millington Fire Hall and Bike Line Middletown for providing pre-ride mechanical service to those in need.

A big thank you to all that participated in this years ride, we hope to see you at next years’ event.

For our club members, please consider volunteering for any of our upcoming events. Without our volunteers these events don’t happen.

Whether you volunteer for an hour, multiple hours or provide a baked good, you are eligible to attend our annual volunteer brunch. This is the clubs ‘Thank You’ for those that go above and beyond.

If you are not a member of the club, please consider becoming one and taking advantage of all we have to offer.

Reminder, our next event is the Shorefire which will be held on Saturday, August 10th, please consider participating in that next month.

Glenn Nichols
Doublecross Event Director 2018, 2019


Some pictures from the 2019 Doublecross