Face with a Name

How many times have you corresponded or spoke on the phone with someone for quite a while before finally meeting them.  That face-to-face meeting finally giving you the opportunity to put a face with a name.  

As cyclists, how many times have you been in a store or some other function, see someone who looks somewhat familiar but you can’t quite place them.  You eventually find out you’ve been riding with that person for weeks or longer, but without a bike helmet, glasses and a bike you can’t place them.

I’ve had similar thoughts about your Executive Committee since I became a member.  You might see names in the meeting minutes or listed on the website associated with the different positions or even hear a name mentioned, but you wouldn’t be able to put a face with a name for some of the folks.  To remedy that we’ve updated the website to add faces, without helmets or glasses or brightly colored spandex, just smiling and wearing regular clothes so that you can put a face with a name with each of the Executive Committee positions.  

Take a look when you have the opportunity to see if you say what we all do at one time or another – ‘Ooooohhh, so that’s what (he/she) looks like

New Executive Committee page

JW Haupt
WCBC President
(Upper left photograph)