Funeral for Larry Yarbray

By JW Haupt
Local avid cyclist Larry Yarbray was involved in a tragically fatal accident while riding Saturday, September 10. Larry had a strong connection to the WCBC via his regular participation on the Tuesday Red Lion and Thursday Wilbur rides as well as his support of our major events over the years.
Larry’s funeral is this Friday, September 23 in Philadelphia. The family is very aware of Larry’s cycling family and has invited those who want to be involved to participate as cyclists, escorting the procession from the church to the cemetery, a 4-5 mile route.
Parking for cyclists is to be at the Subaru Stadium (where the Philly Union soccer team plays) in Chester, which is 1-2 miles from the church.
Cyclists will depart the parking lot at approximately Noon (so please arrive by 11:30), ride to the church, then following the police escort and leading the horse-drawn carriage, travel from the church to the cemetery.
Organizers are still working out some of the details, so please check back for updates between now and Friday.
If you plan to participate, please wear WCBC cycling apparel. Any questions, please reach out to me and I’ll do my best to answer them.
JW Haupt
WCBC President
Church: First Pentecostal Holy Church, 324 Pusey Street, Chester, PA 19103
Cemetery: Haven Memorial Cemetery, 2500 Concord Road, Chester, PA 19014
UPDATE 09/22/22:
Considering participating in the procession but don’t want to drive, then you may want to consider taking the train to Chester.  The SEPTA train station in Chester is only about a mile from the church,  SEPTA allows bicycles on its trains during non-rush hour periods as well as for any trip that does not originate or end in Center City and the fare (from either Newark or Wilmington) is $3.75.  The SEPTA train leaves Wilmington at 10:16AM. (The only train that leaves Newark Friday morning is earlier at 9:04AM.)  Trains returning depart from Chester at 2:03PM, 3:03PM and 4:03PM (with the last two going to Newark in addition to Wilmington).