Message From the President – Doublecross Update

Glenn Nichols, Major Event Director for the Doublecross wanted to pass on his thoughts and thanks following Saturday’s Doublecross…

Thanks to all that made our 2018 WCBC Doublecross event a huge success.

We had 397 riders participate including one that came all the way from Iowa and another that was was completing his fifth cross state ride in a month.

I’d like to take this moment to thank all the volunteers that made our event so successful for without them this event couldn’t happen…
Registration Team – April Hogan, Betsy Lambert, Brian Wilkinson, Dianne Leipold, Randy Kiem, Brigitte Sheehan, Dwight Siers, Ed Zeigler, Jaymi Cook, JW Haupt, Dan Durishan
Smyrna Rest Stop – Ed McNulty & Susan McNulty
Leipsic Rest Stop – Alan Wessel, Wayne Barndt, Dennis Wessel, Ken Williamson, Phillip Newman-Sanders, Jim Russell & Linda Russell
Millington Rest Stop – MaryClare Matsumoto & Roger Matsumoto
SAG – Charlie Johnston, Don Lyons, Mike Salter 
Route Markings – Ed McNulty, Susan McNulty, Jose Rodriguez, Dan Fisher, Dianne Leipold, Charlie Johnston

MaryClare Matsumoto organized all of our bakers and we know we couldn’t do without those baked goods. Here are our bakers: Deb Alestrino, Leigh Belcher, Denise Boyle, Jamie Cheney, Daree Clark, Marcia Cloud, Bob & Linda Conley, Kim Corrigan, Sabine Cranmer, Tammy Everitt, Danny Fisher, Larry Galpin, April Hogan, Carol Ireland, Jan Johnson, Randy Keim, Joe Lazorick, Lonni Lehman, Diane Leipold, Jeff Manlove, Keelin Murphy, Glenn Nichols, Jack Nystrom, Barbara O’Connell, Fred Oldham, Mary Rock, Dave Shapero, Wes Stafford, Judy Subach, Michelle Zechman

Of course we couldn’t do this without our community resources including Smyrna High School, Leipsic Fire Hall, Millington Fire Hall and Wooden Wheels for providing pre-ride mechanical service to those in need and Jaymi Cook for volunteering for that role from 9-12 after Wooden Wheels left.

A big thank you to all that participated in this years ride, we hope to see you at next years’ event.

Reminder, our next event is Shorefire which will be held on Saturday, August 25th, please consider participating in that next month.

Glenn Nichols
Doublecross Director

I want to thank Glenn and the crew he assembled for putting on a successful Doublecross event.  This is Glenn’s first year volunteering as a major ride director, yet he put on an event like a veteran because of his team of supporters.   As a Club that is only as strong as its members and its event volunteers, Glenn has shown us that we are still a very strong Club with so many members willing to volunteer their time.  As you can see from Glenn’s message our major events take a lot of volunteers to make them happen, so please consider volunteering some of your time for an upcoming event whether this year or in coming years. 

Thanks Glenn great job!!

 Be safe out there.

JW Haupt
WCBC President

Updated July 11, 2018 to thank a few other volunteers
Updated July 13, 2018 to thank another volunteer