Message From the President – Membership Made Easy!

We are a few days away from the official start to the Club’s 2018 year.  Each year our Club year ends the last day of February and begins the first day of March.  

The significance of March 1st to the members of the Club is that March 1st brings an end to current membership year and is the beginning of your next membership year.  To remain a member in good standing please follow the instructions below and enroll as a WCBC member at your earliest convenience.  Unless you registered in BikeReg.com between this past December 1 (2017) and now your membership will expire Wednesday night at midnight.  If in doubt reach out to the Club’s Membership Chair, Dwight Siers at Membership@whiteclaybicycleclub.org

Registration Process – Made Easy

Beginning this year our registration process is exclusively online.  Mail-in registration will not be accepted for the reasons detailed in a prior posting (https://whiteclaybicycleclub.org/message-from-the-president-membership-changes/).  We are now with BikeReg.com, not Active.com and from feedback so far, the new process is painless.

To join the WCBC, go to BikeReg.com (be selecting this link) and type WCBC in the search box, then select “Search” to the lower right of the search window.  


All WCBC events will show up as a result of the search with WCBC 2018 Membership being what you want for 2018.  Select the blue text (WCBC 2018 Membership) and you will be taken to the Membership “event” page. 


From the Membership event page you have two options – Single Membership and Family Membership.  Check the box to the left of the appropriate option and complete the membership process, which will include providing a credit card for payment.

Note: You can join with or without setting up a BikeReg account.  If you plan to participate in any of the WCBC events (Icicle, Doublecross, Shorefire or Savage) or renew your Membership in 2019, you may want to create a BikeReg account to streamline the event registration process in the future.  Once you have a BikeReg account a lot of the information required for future events on BikeReg will auto-fill from your BikeReg account.

If joining as a Family Membership, you will be prompted for the name(s) of your family members and they must be listed in order to be considered under the Family Membership.  


It’s that simple and painless and made even more painless by the price reduction of $5 over the prior years’ membership fees.

Should you have any compliments (or complaints or problems) please feel free to share them with me at President@whiteclaybicycleclub.org.

Thank you in advance by supporting the Club by becoming s membership!

JW Haupt
WCBC President