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Message From the President – Membership Tidbits

Club Membership – Interesting Tidbits

Membership has been open since December but with the most active since March 1, the beginning of our Club year.  Mid-way thru March and we have 160 members, 95 opting for the Single memberships and 65 going the Family memberships route.

Our member Demographic breakdown as of Tuesday, 03/13/18 is:

  • 96 Men (62.3%) and 58 Women (37.7%)
  • 148 are 40+ (93.1%)
  • 7 are are 25-40 (4.4%)
  • 4 are under 25 (2.5%)




The Heat Map below demonstrates where our members live.  A Heat Map shows the highest concentration of members in Red and then with a gradation of colors to Orange to Yellow and finally to Green for the the lesser concentration of members.  It looks like most live in areas around Wilmington to Newark and Middletown, with the membership cloud extending south to and below Dover, north toward Philly and west to and beyond Elkton as far as the Susquehanna River.  This is an interesting way to visualize where our members are located.



I hope that you find this interesting.  I’ll post updates of Membership info throughout the year.

If you haven’t had a chance to join, here is a link to an information page detailing just how easy it is to join.  If you join now, the next message will have information that includes you! 

JW Haupt
WCBC President