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Message From the President – New Club Kits for 2018!

New Club Kits!

Yes that’s right – we will be offering a new WCBC kit this year.  A new design with new colors based on the Club’s logo.

Athlos, in partnership with Zaavy (maker of the last blue-orange Club kit) was selected to produce the new kit which will be available for ordering in just a couple of weeks.  Apparel and accessories to be offered are shorts, bibs, jerseys, vest, jackets, arm/knee/leg warmers, caps and winter beanies.  An online Club store will be set up to allow members to peruse what is being offered and make their selections.  The store will be open for a two week period, then orders received during that time will be filled and shipped directly to the buyer.  It typically takes about four weeks from when they close the order window before the items ordered are shipped out.  Shipping costs typically run about 6% of the cost of the order.  Order $100 of apparel, your total cost including FedEx shipping is around $106.

Athlos offers three lines of road cycling apparel; Squad One, Breakaway and Split Zero

Squad One is the Club Line, a good, economical line.  Bottoms are geared for casual rider who is out for 60-90 minute rides.  The tops are good quality with a generous fit for the rider carrying a little more around the middle. 

Breakaway is the Sport Line with the jersey fit a little tighter than Squad One and is performance oriented.  The bottoms are better suited for the rider that is out for 1-3 hour rides and is a bit more economical than Split Zero.

Split Zero is the Race Line with jerseys being race cut and performance oriented.  The bottoms are the answer for riders that do long rides, centuries and even double centuries.  Another benefit – a reflective gripper option.

We are planning to offer jerseys in the Squad One and Breakaway, with bibs and shorts being offered in Squad One, Breakaway and Split Zero.  

Since sizes differ from manufacturer to manufacturer I have made arrangements with Athlos to provide us with a “Fit Kit” with jerseys, shorts and bibs in various sizes to allow us to determine what size and line will suit us before placing the order.  I will have that Fit Kit at the Annual Picnic at Weiss Park on Saturday, May 19th for everyone to test fit sample apparel before ordering.  Please plan to come to the Picnic to try on the jerseys, shorts and bibs.

Let me know if you have any question.

JW Haupt
WCBC President