Message From the President – Thanks for a Successful Year!

White Clay Bicycle Club had a very successful 2017!!

Our four major events, Icicle Metric, Doublecross Metric, Shorefire Century and Savage Century all benefited from great weather so our attendance numbers were up.  Even though we had favorable weather this year with no rain and relatively warm temperatures, I believe a key reason for our success is – our volunteers.

I don’t know whether the event participants realize it or not, but there are a lot of people who volunteer their time and are instrumental in making these events go off so seamlessly.  From the event organizer down, everyone that volunteered their time had a hand in putting on events that people come back to do year after year.

Being involved with all of the events over the past few years, I was curious just how many volunteers it took to put on an event.  I pulled together a list of volunteers for this year’s events and was surprised to see that each event needed an average of about 30 volunteers and an average of about 15 bakers.  I was not so surprised, however to see that many of the volunteers had multiple roles and even volunteered for multiple events throughout the year.  We do have a dedicated group of volunteers.

As you’ll see when you look over the list displayed below, for our four events we had volunteers to cover about 120 tasks, again some of the volunteers taking on more than one task.  I am happy to say that each year the Club sees new faces among the volunteers stepping into roles and I hope that this trend will continue next year, even more so than it has in the past.  I hope that as members become aware what it takes to pull off an event that they will volunteer some of their own time to help out.  For every event and nearly every task there are experienced volunteers that will be there to help guide a new volunteer.  By stepping up to volunteer, you will be giving back a little of your time, in a way thanking those that have volunteered their time in the past.  Even freeing them up to participate in an event that in the past they have volunteered to support.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that volunteered for our events in 2017 as well as those that have volunteered in the past, your commitment to the Club is greatly appreciated.

JW Haupt
WCBC President


A PDF of the Volunteer List – 2017_EventVolunteerList