Message From the President – There is No Such Thing as the ‘Off-Season’

By JW Haupt

As the riding season comes to a close and you clean your ride one last time before hanging it up for the winter, your involvement with the Club – and cycling in general – does not have to be set aside until Spring, too.  There is talk that some sort of off-the-bike training program will being to fill that gap between the last days of Fall and the first days of Spring.

Okay, I’ll be honest –  I started that talk at this last monthly Club meeting.  I’m considering hosting evening training sessions once or twice a month from November thru February and  I am considering topics that have come up in discussions during the year between me and other members of the Club, but I want to know what might interest you, as well.  Topics currently on the table are:

  • Training on the use of RideWithGPS (RWGPS) online mapping program, including developing a route, creating a cue sheet, exporting GPS-type files
  • Introduction to the use of RWGPS phone app
  • Club involvement – What can I do to help?
  • Training on basic bike maintenance, including changing a flat tire, lubing a chain, adjusting brakes, etc.
  • Training on the basics of riding in a paceline
  • Trail riding vs. Road riding – What’s the difference?

Without checking the calendar and scheduling the time, that’s about eight sessions, more or less.  I want to gauge interest before I move forward with this, so I’d like some feedback from the membership.

Oh, these sessions are for members in good standing as they are a benefit of WCBC membership.  Unsure whether your membership is current? Send an email to our Membership Chair, Dwight Siers at  To join or renew your membership select this link – Join the Club

The sessions will be held in the conference room of my company (the office is across from the Christian Hilton, not too far from the Performance Bikes store in Newark), which means it is centrally located for most of our members.  The sessions will probably run from 6pm – 8pm on a weeknight and will be limited to 10-20 participants, depending on the topic.

If you are interested in attending or have some suggestions for topics, please forward an email to me at  I’m also interested in hearing from other members who might be willing to lead a session or help with leading a session.  Participation is not only welcomed – it’s encouraged!

JW Haupt
WCBC President