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Online Sign Up for Rides?

Yes.  Because of the current health risk, we have decided to go contact-less with our ride waiver/rider sign-ups.

We will be using Sign Up Genius to allow riders to pre-register for our club-led rides. 

I am referring to the weekday and weekend club-led rides that we all show up for.  In the past we would show up, sign the Ride Waiver, join the ride leader when ready and push off.  To support our effort to mitigate the spread of the virus ride participants will sign up in advance of the ride using an online sign up form.  The process may take you 2-3 minutes to complete and guess what – there’s an app for that too, so you can pre-register from any mobile device or your computer.

The process we will follow is…

  • The Ride Leader will create a Sign Up Genius (SUG) form which has the date and time for the ride along with a limited number of slots (remember, rides are limited to a maximum of 10 participants including the ride leader(s))
  • A link to the form will be added to the ride posting on the club ride calendar
  • A participant who reads the ride posting and decides to join the ride selects that link
  • If there are open slots available on the SUG form, then the rider completes the form, including a few required certifications
  • Once complete and submitted, the rider is registered for the upcoming ride
  • Show up at the date and time of the ride, let the ride leader know that you’ve arrived, prepare yourself and your bike and push off when the ride leader is ready
  • For the time being, rider pre-registration must be completed by Noon, the day prior to the ride

Please do not show up for a ride if you are not pre-registered – you will be turned away.  For health safety reasons (contact tracing) all ride participants must be pre-registered in advance of the ride

This policy and procedure may change as the health risk is lessened, but we do not anticipate any changes for the foreseeable future

Let’s give it a test ride so you can see just how easy it will be.  I’ve created a Test Sign Up sheet with early morning “rides” on three different days starting from different locations.  Slots are limited, so don’t delay and sign up now.  Select this link and give it a go.  Let me know if you have any problems or want to give me a pat on the back.

Welcome to the 21st Century!!

Thank you for your consideration and understanding.

Feel free to email me at President@whiteclaybicycleclub.org