Savage 2022

By JW Haupt

Savage Century Update Center

09/30/2022 @ 9:30 am

A review of the various weather forecasting sites finds the weather forecasts for Saturday to be much better than previously forecasted.  Although they vary slightly, all pretty much call for overnight rain changing to showers around 7-8 am, then to a chance of showers until after Noon when it changes to cloudy.  The roads will be wet, but it looks as though we will be spared any heavy rain on Saturday.  We hope to see everyone at Gore tomorrow morning at Rider Check-In!!  For visibility in all conditions, bike lights and bright colored clothing is suggested. 

09/28/2022 @ 4:00 pm

We are certain that everyone is aware of Hurricane Ian, hovering in the south and soon to be creeping north.  We are currently tracking the storm through the different weather apps and forecasting tools that are abundantly available to us all to see how our Savage Century event, scheduled for this Saturday may be impacted.

At present, it is difficult to say.  Some of the models are calling for rain most of the day Saturday, while others are calling for showers Saturday evening and late Saturday night.  Being three days out, it is still a moving target and a guess at best.

As of now, we are not planning to cancel the event.  All of our events are rain or shine and being you paid to ride the Savage, we are obligated to provide an event for you to participate in.  Only extremely dangerous weather conditions would force us to consider canceling and from all forecast models, we will not be having that type of weather in the DE/MD/PA area on Saturday.  Since we offer multiple routes, riders can opt for a shorter route if they feel that the weather is a concern. 

We will continue to monitor the ever changing weather forecast and provide updates to this website post only if warranted.  

Route marking is to take place on Thursday.  If we do have rain, please know that the route marking arrows will likely be impacted by traffic on the wet roads.  Please make sure to pick up a cue sheet as you pass thru Rider Check-In and if you have the equipment, download and follow the RWGPS files that we will make available to pre-registrants Thursday afternoon following the route marking exercise.  We will not issue the RWGPS files until after the route is marked, so please don’t ask.

Any questions, please reach out to the Event Director, Dinesh Mistry at


JW Haupt
WCBC President