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Wanna go to the Movies??


Middle Aged Man In Lycra

Did the thought of that make you smile?  Well there is a movie out with that title and it is showing at the Peoples Plaza Regal Cinema in Glasgow, DE.  

From the write-up, this movie is a look at middle-aged men and their love of their bikes and cycling.   The summary from the website listing…

Middle Aged Men In Lycra! At last, the love that can finally be shared — that of man for bike. We’ve shaved our legs and we’re here to stay! Deal with us, as we sweep down hills on our bikes, stopping for nothing (except maybe a macchiato). You might be queer in New York, you might be Christian in the midwest, you might be an Adelaide Fat Boy, you might be a lawyer or a cancer survivor, you might be hauling your middle-aged belly up the Col de Tourmalet or just popping down to the shops, you might be on a top-line Trek or a heap of junk, you might be wondering how you’re going to explain all of this to your missus, but you still thrill to the moving meditation of the bike. 

This movie is being promoted by Demand Film.  The film is being shown one day nationwide, but the theater may cancel the showing is there is not enough interest.  There are a minimum number of tickets that must be reserved by Monday, February 12th to avoid cancellation.  If you reserve a ticket, your credit card will not be charged unless the event threshold is met.  As of Friday, January 26th there are 17 days to reserve another 45 tickets, otherwise the showing will be canceled.


Date: Wed, Feb 21, 2018 6:30 PM

Where: Regal Peoples Plaza Stadium 17
1100 Peoples Plaza, Newark, DE, 19702, United States

Tickets: General Admission: $11.95 + Additional booking fee of $1.95 per ticket.

The deadline for minimum ticket reservations is Monday, February 12th, so don’t delay if you are interested in seeing this film. 

Oh yeah – the film is narrated by none other than Phil Liggett.

Check out the Trailer and reserve your tickets at https://us.demand.film/mamil/

I’m planning to go to see it, who wants to join me?

JW Haupt
WCBC President