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WCBC Club Ride Rules and Guidelines (2020)

COVID-19 WCBC Club Ride Rules and Guidelines

Club Members,

On Monday, June 15th WCBC will resume offering club-led rides.

You will begin to see rides posted on the ride calendar, but there are changes that you need to be aware of and accept before joining a club-led ride.  As we begin to offer club-led rides again, we must do so while considering the health of everyone.

The following rules – without exception – will be in place for all rides beginning June 15 until further notice:

  • If you are sick or have COVID-19 symptoms – do not join us
  • If you have been in contact with or close proximity to someone who is COVID-19 positive – do not join us
  • Since we are not responsible for the health of all participants, if you are at risk if exposed to COVID-19 – do not join us
  • No more than 10 riders (including the Ride Leader(s)) in any one group on club led rides. A ride leader may choose to limit their pre-registration to fewer than 10 participants
  • Riders MUST RSVP/pre-register with the Ride Leader prior to attending the ride (see ride posting for link)
  • Absolutely NO group switching between groups after a ride has started
  • Contact tracing is important in case we have a reported positive. Sign-up sheets will be used for contract tracing
  • If you determine you were COVID 19 positive or exposed to someone who is, please contact your ride leader and Carol Bassett so we can alert others who are at risk. Anonymity will be maintained throughout this communication
  • Ride participants must be members in good standing (membership via BikeReg.com)
  • Face coverings must be worn at the start/finish location and taken with the riders on the ride to be worn for stops or emergency situations.  Additionally, face coverings such as buff or bandana type face covering that can be easily pulled up on the face while riding, must be worn while riding in places that require it 
  • Participants must maintain a distance of 6’ separation when off the bike and wear a face covering when a separation of 6’ feet cannot be maintained
  • It is suggested that close quarter pacelining be discouraged and a following distance be maintained consistent with current health guidelines. Ride postings will include “we will be pacelining” or “no pacelining on this ride” or a statement similar to inform the participants.
  • Hand sanitizer must be brought by the riders and used often (take with you on the ride)
  • All rides will be confined to the state of Delaware (due to differing rules and regulation is adjoining states, counties, and cities)
  • Rest stops will be limited or eliminated.  Riders are encouraged to bring enough food and water for the duration of the ride.
  • Rides will be posted on the ride calendar no more than two weeks in advance (with the exception of club events and tours)
  • Ride start locations may no longer offer access to bathrooms, changing areas, water, etc. – come prepared to ride
  • Read the ride postings on the Ride Calendar thoroughly – each week – changes may have to be made week-to-week
  • You will be asked to leave the group if you are irresponsible in observing these rules and guidelines

Major points to remember – Do not come to ride if COVID-19 positive or have been near someone who is; notify the club if you become COVID-19 positive; Club-led rides are for members only; you must sign up to ride (no walk-up sign-ins); maintain 6’ separation and have a mask and hand sanitizer; read the Ride Calendar posts each week!

Be safe out there!

JW Haupt
WCBC President