WCBC Resumes Club Activities (2020)

By JW Haupt

Club Members,

The State of Delaware relaxed their COVID-19 guidelines as of June 1st and in doing so has allowed us all some freedom to resume some level of “normal” life, but to do so we all must do so responsibly.  Being a bicycle club, that freedom translates to the opportunity for us to resume club activities, such as group rides.  Since there are no stated regulatory requirement for restarting club rides, I have been involved in meeting with presidents of bike clubs in the surrounding areas (MD, DE, PA).  The group shared their thoughts and discussed information offered on the USA Cycling website.  If interested, you can view their thoughts about cycling in a COVID-19 environment that are offered on their website at – https://www.usacycling.org/event-organizer/covid-19-event-resources.

From conversations within the group we found that we all have the same wants and desires – to resume riding, but in a safe, reasonable, and responsible manner.  Although some clubs have postponed rides until July or later, some are resuming their club rides now.

On Monday, June 15th WCBC will resume offering club-led rides. 

You will begin to see rides posted on the ride calendar, but there are changes that you need to be aware of and accept before joining a club-led ride.  As we begin to offer club-led rides again, we must do so while considering the health and welfare of everyone. 

From the meeting with other clubs and information provided by USA Cycling we have developed a document that outlines the measures that the club is taking to resume group rides.  That document must be reviewed by everyone who is considering joining club-led rides and can be found here – COVID-19 WCBC Club Ride Rules and Guidelines.

Most of us will never test positive with COVID-19 but we need to act as if we will in order to minimize the risk.  The risk can never be eliminated but it can be mitigated, and it is everyone’s responsibility to help to mitigate those risks.  

Provided we are able to offer club-led rides and do so in as safe a manner as possible, we will continue to offer them to the members of the club. 

The club must consider and stay within all health guidelines that are put out by the federal, state, and local authorities for the well-being of all, so your cooperation not only protects you and your riding buddies, but also controls the rapid spread of the virus to our families, our friends, and our community at-large.   

Be safe out there.

JW Haupt
WCBC President