Doublecross Delights

The annual crisscross of State of Delaware was on point again this year for the WCBC Doublecross Metric. A respite from the extreme heat combined with clear skies bolstered a strong turnout. A total of 153 riders participated in the mostly flat route. More than half of this year’s participants were members—a notable increase from last year.

This year’s event had a few minor bumps in the proceedings:  4-hour port-a-pot delivery delay, prowling greenhead horseflies and some tenacious headwinds. Those nuisances overcome and humor intact, the achievements, camaraderie and enjoyment accumulated. 

Several riders reported about an uncomfortable short chipped-tar road section. We hear you and we got you. In 2025, we will map around that part of the route. Except for the rough patch, Doublecross cyclists gave positive marks on the crisscross route.

Also receiving high marks were the rest stops staffed by the volunteers. Featured at the finish were some homemade goods and an array of deli sandwiches.*

Kudos to Doublecross Event team for putting together this signature WCBC event. 

*Posted per results, requests and/or suggestions from 2023 event ride and member surveys.