Pre-Ride Instructions & Ride Group Best Practices

Ride Leader Pre-Ride Instructions

  • Share route’s known road hazards (crossroads at bottom of hills, expected auto traffic, fallen branches, potholes, road debris, etc.)
  • State if ride is a drop or no-drop ride 
  • State if there will be regrouping at hilltops
  • NEVER announce Clear at intersections or turns; each rider must satisfy one’s self that it’s safe to proceed
  • Announce clearly when experiencing flat or mechanical problem 
    o    Warn other riders you need to pull over and stop
    o    Pull off road to safe spot when stopping
    o    Pull off road to safe spot when assisting 
  • Announce road hazards with loud and simple words  (HoleGlassRoad Kill, etc.)
  • Repeat road hazard announcements so riders behind will hear 
  • Keep safe braking distance within group 
  • Avoid overlapping/crossing tires
  • Allow for gap so passing cars from rear can safely avoid oncoming cars (and not have to swerve into riders) on single lane roads or with large groups
  • Do no not brake and do maintain speed if accidentally unclipped; clip back in when able
  • Stay alert and attentive always

Ride Group Best Practices

  • Strive to ride smoothly and predictably
  • Maintain proper line during turns
  • Lower speed, but may ride through stop signs when clear in State of Delaware (currently Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania do not have cyclist stop sign yield laws)
  • Stop or slow until all riders can catch up—when group is split due to red light
  • Use hand signals (Slow/Stop—Hand down; Turns—Point in direction headed; Move Over—Wave hand behind back; Road Hazard—Point down at hazard)
  • Use voice for emphasis if necessary (SlowingStoppingRight Turn, Left TurnObstruction onRight, etc.) 
  • Pass signals throughout line to warn entire group
  • Announce Car UpCar Right or Car Left to safeguard group
  • Announce Car Back; riders should repeat announcement so entire group hears and understands to:

     o   Move immediately to right in single file
  o   Enable other riders to merge right by allowing space