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We meet on the first Monday of the month, 7:00 p.m. via Zoom. The Executive Committee discusses club business and periodically special guests present enrichment programs.  All cyclists are welcome! Contact the Club President for meeting link.

Deanna Cain



Deanna enjoys riding bikes—all kinds of bikes. She has ridden beach cruiser, city rental, cargo delivery, electric-assist, foldable, hybrid and road bikes. Locally, you can see her commuting on a foldable Brompton (AKA  ) or riding road bikes with her husband Gary and fellow WCBC members. Recently retired, Deanna is looking forward to cycling trips with Gary and teaching her grandsons to ride.

Bill Ebbott

Vice President & Membership Chair


Bill has been a road bike rider for about 20 years starting with the FRoGs in the North Wilmington area and then acting as a Ride Leader for WCBC since 2015.  Bill has been the Shorefire Century Director since 2019 and is also currently the Acting Vice President of WCBC.  

Along with riding, Bill enjoys camping and backpacking.  He is a registered Adirondack 46er and has backpacked the northern 100 miles of the John Muir Trail in the Sierra Nevadas of California.  

When not on a bike or a hike he is active with Scout Troop 67 and running Front-of-House sound at his church.

Marty Lessner



Marty grew up Claymont, where the only way to get around was by foot or by bike. His first bike, a Sears Free Spirit, was stolen while locked up in front of the Fairfax Bowling alley, thus prompting a lifetime of never leaving his bike unattended in front of any place of public accommodation.

In high school, his first century was the 1980 WCBC “Tri-State,” which he completed (barely) on his then brand new Ross Gran Tour II. On a Friday night in March 1982, while a freshman at the University of Delaware, he saw a flyer on some random bulletin board for the WCBC “Icicle” the next morning. For some reason, he thought this was a good idea, and that was the start of a Cal Ripken-like streak of the next 40 Icicles; Marty would be happy to share his write-up of each ride with anybody foolish enough to ask. 

Marty’s day job as a lawyer often interferes with getting riding time in the saddle, but he still tries to squeeze in rides of 100 miles in one direction and then figure out how to get a car ride back. Marty is very happy when family and friends are willing to ride with him on various bicycles, of various distances, and especially over multiple days.

Brian Albin

Ride Captain


Brian loves cycling for his mental well-being as well as his fitness. He rightly prides himself on riding more miles on his bicycle than he does driving his car.

As a tech professional, he has worked 40 years for major financial service companies. Brian has a sizable family with 8 siblings, 2 children and 1 grandchild.

Besides cycling, baseball is the other sport that Brian really enjoys. And when he wants to peace-out, the Grateful Dead is the musical choice.

Mike Katz

Safety & Education

Deanna Cain


Brian Donovan

Icicle Metric


When it comes to cycling, Brian is into big numbers. The long-time Club member shares his love of cycling as a 10-year Ride Leader and 7-year Icicle Metric Century Chair. Brian enjoys amassing formidable annual mileage totals. Most notably, he rode more 21,405 miles in a single year—all outside, no indoor trainer involved. To get to that lofty mark, Brian logged 96 100-mile rides. You need a good bike to meet such demands and Brian’s trusty Cannondale CAAD 10 has met the on-road challenges with more 100,000 miles accumulated. If you are looking to earn your first century, Brian is a good bet to help you.

Jamie Plower

Icicle Metric

Fred Hartman



Bikes have always been fun for me. As a kid, I had a pretty red Schwinn—it even had a headlight powered by a back-wheel generator! Other bikes that bring back fond memories were a Royce Union and a Motobecane. The Royce Union was my college ride and first 10-speed. The Motobecane Cyclotouriste, bought in Paris in 1978, made the trip stateside and was on most of my 21 MS Bike-to-the-Bays. Today, I have a Gunnar, that led many WCBC rides. I also coordinate the WCBC Doublecross which is a great way to share my joy of bikes with others. 

Bill Ebbott

Shorefire Century

Dinesh Mistry

Savage Century

Dinesh Mistry

Major Ride Event Coordinator

Allison Wong



Allison has been doing web development for over 20 years and has even owned her own web business. She loves long weekend rides in the valley with a favorite rest stop at Northbrook.  Midweek, she enjoys group rides with WCBC in Greenville. When Allison is not cycling, she can be found running trails, swimming laps, or participating in a local triathlon or time trial. She is currently enjoying motherhood with the birth of her baby boy in 2022.

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