Bicycle cue sheets and GPS files

GooglyCue is a web based application that will translate a drawn route into a pdf cue sheet, or into a file suitable for downloading to a hand held device. Here is a sample cue sheet pdf.

In addition to the usual turn-by-turn information, the cue sheet will show the total climb, as well as the % grade for each leg individually. The second page of the cue sheet graphs the elevation and % grades.

A short reference URL is provided that may be used to display the mapped route. (The pdf cue sheet shows the URL and clicking on it in Adobe Reader will bring up the route map..)

Routes, tracks and tcx files for Garmin GPS devices may be downloaded. The route files will be segmented into segments of at most 50 points, if necessary. The tcx files will signal before a turn not afterwards.

For use with RideWithGPS