Cabling by Bob Wheeler

I don’t know much about cycling computers, and being a retro fogy, I snorted when I first saw them, and thought, ”who needs one?” Why in the heck should I care about my actual speed, or the precise distance between A and B? And of course, since I never time trial, I suspected that the manufacturers were up to their usual tricks of introducing fancies to attract the gullible.

But of course, I was wrong. They are very useful, and I wouldn’t have a bike without one nowadays. But one thing that still bugs me is the long wires that the manufacturers hang on these things. I guess maybe that there are bicycles, such as recumbents (which is something else that I know nothing about) that may need longer wires. In any case, all and sundry seem to wrap these wires around the brake cable, which isn’t too bad if they use a nice tight wrap, but quite a few sort of dangle, like a kids socks, and really look awful.

Actually the idea of using the brake cable in this fashion is neat. The first computer I installed had the wire taped to the stem. O well. In any case, I have adopted the strategy shown in the photo. I run a single strand from the sensor up along the brake cable and then wrap it with tape. The excess wires are neatly folded and disappear under the handlebar wrapping. Its rather nice, I think.