Help Keep Drivers Friendly

Car Back — Ride single file or double file as appropriate to the roadway and traffic conditions. When a car is trying to pass, you ride single file and let the cars safely pass.

Avoid Busy Roads — If you ride on a busy highway, chances are you will ruffle the delicate feathers of already edgy commuters. Examine a detailed map of your area and you may be surprised at the many quiet roads available nearby. Be careful about provocative actions. When stopped at a red light, do not irritate a driver by leaning against the car or by riding in circles in front of the vehicle.

Return the Favor — Cyclists come to appreciate little unexpected courtesies from motorists. We all nod or say thanks to the driver who has the right-of-way but waves us through anyway. Try returning the favor. An example would be to motion a driver to make his turn in front of you if you’ll be slow getting underway. Who knows? That driver might look a bit more favorably on the next cyclist down the road.