In Memory of Richard (Rich) Minser, Jr.

A member of the White Clay Bicycle Club passed early this year – Rich Minser of Elkton, MD

Excerpts from his obituary…

Richard H. “Rich” Minser, Jr., age 61, of Elkton, MD, passed away on Wednesday, January 9, 2019.  He enjoyed exercising, loved to swim and was a bicycle enthusiast, riding hundreds of miles at a time. 

I had the good fortune to met Rich at the club picnic in 2018.  We had never met but spent some time discussing bikes, rides, and the club.  He was very personable. 

This information was shared with me so I wanted to share it with the club.  Please feel free to post any comments that you want to share.   Please be respectful with what you share.

His complete obituary along with a nice video can be found here –