New Member…Now What?

As a member…

  • You are one of more than 280 members of the White Clay Bicycle Club (as of July 2017)
  • You are offered secondary insurance to help with medical bills if you are injured on a Club-led ride or Club event

So, I’m a member. Now what?

    • Find a posted ride that suits your fitness level and availability and join us
    • All rides posted on the Ride Calendar must be led by a Club-trained Ride Leader, so there will be a guide
    • Arrive at the ride starting location 30 minutes in advance of the start time to prepare yourself and your bike
    • Meet with the Ride Leader and introduce yourself
    • Ask the Ride Leader questions about the ride – the route, the terrain, the stopping points, regrouping points (if any), points of interest, etc.  
    • Ask questions about the group ride itself – will the group stay together, will the group splinter into smaller groups, will there be cue sheets, is there pace-lining, etc.
    • Review and sign the online Ride Waiver – this is a mandatory requirement for anyone riding on a Club-led ride or event, both for Club liability and rider education
    • You must wear a helmet, have a water bottle(s), and the equipment needed to repair a flat (tube, patch kit, tire levers, tire pump or CO2 cartridge)
    • For your safety and the safety of those in the group
      • You are not permitted to ride with ear buds or ear phones or play music
      • You are not permitted to use your phone while riding – no phone calls, conversations, texting or emailing
    • Everyone is welcome on a Club-led ride, whether you know someone in the group or you are completely new to WCBC
  • Check out the Club Events like the Annual Banquet, Icicle, Annual Picnic, Doublecross, Shorefire, Savage and Volunteer Brunch.
  • Volunteer to help at an event.  This is one of the best ways to meet people!  All events are staffed by experienced volunteers so there are people there to help you out.  We are always in need of friendly, helpful volunteers and we can certainly use your help!
  • Become a Ride Leader.  Once you have riding experience, consider becoming a Ride Leader to either help other Ride Leaders with their rides or lead your own.  You can do this as frequently or as infrequently as you want.  The Club is always looking to offer more rides for its members.  There are needs for rides at different speeds, different distances, different locations, and on every day of the week. Become a Ride Leader and team up with a couple of other Ride Leaders and you could help fill in some of the voids that we have on our Ride Calendar.  
  • Attend a Monthly Club meeting.  The Club’s Executive Committee meets the first Monday of every month (barring holidays of course) to discuss Club business and provide for open discussions.  Currently we meet in the Community Room of the REI store at the Christiana Mall, see our website for more information.  Everyone is welcome.
  • Consider joining the Executive Committee.  The Club has a committee of members that meet once a month to discuss what makes the Club tick, business and financial matters – past, present and future. There are a host of different positions available, all with a two-year term, so by assuming a position, you’re not locked in for life – unless you want to be!

We encourage all of our members to be active in the Club — whether it is by participating or leading weekly rides, volunteering at our major events, riding in our major events, becoming a member of the Executive Committee, or even writing articles for the website.  It is only through the collective efforts of our membership that we continue to grow and thrive and we are always seeking ways for the Club to give back to its members.