Open Positions

By WhiteClayBicycleClub

Club Members, we need your help.

There are open committee positions which need to be filled for the Club to operate properly.

Club members, like you, who volunteer their time are what make this Club what it is – one of the largest and most supportive bicycle clubs in the area.  To be able to offer all of the Club events like the Banquet, Picnic, Icicle, Doublecross, Shorefire, Savage, Volunteer Appreciation Brunch, morning rides, mid-day rides, evening rides, multi-day rides, weekend rides – everything for which you’ve become a member – volunteers are needed to help to make those things happen.

We need volunteers to step up and fill these positions: Publicity, Safety & Education, Club Meeting Program, Social Chair, and Shorefire.   Under most of these positions, we have volunteers who have assumed some of the duties but, for one reason or another, we have lost the lead person for these positions.  Within the next couple of days, we will post the roles, responsibilities, and expectations for each of the open positions followed by the same for all of the positions listed under Executive Committee.

For some positions, the time commitment is some time here and there over the course of a year (Publicity and Social Chair, for example), while other positions will call for a concentration of time for a short period of time and then nothing to the rest of the year (Shorefire, for example).

Please consider stepping up and volunteering to give back to the Club.  There is plenty of support in place to get you started and guide you along.  As with our bike rides – no one will be left behind.

If you are interested in volunteering or just have a question, please forward an email to Wes Stafford or JW Haupt or speak with any of the members of the Executive Committee.

Thank you.

Wes Stafford at
JW Haupt at