Request for E-bike Riders

Cycling, whether pure pedal power or pedal-assist, is a fabulous outdoor activity. With the cycling season in full swing, many riders are marking their efforts in Strata. Personal Bests, Top 10 Cups, Age Group Rankings and Kings or Queens of the Mountain are logged. Kudos are received. Even some inspiration is shared.

But sometimes these efforts are marred by faster e-bike riders showing up as unassisted cyclists.

So here’s a simple request to our cycling brethren on e-bikes:  Please list your e-bikes in Strava.

Using a couple of steps and you’re set:

For correct pedal-assist designation in Strava Activity, select E-bike Ride under Sport. Under Select Bike, enter your specific e-bike. You can also select the E-bike as the Default so it automatically will appear for each activity. Now, you can participate in e-bike segments or even create your own e-bike segment.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and contribution to a better cycling community.