Safety Tips

Dust off Your Cycling Smarts: Spring Riding Tips

Submitted by: Ceci & John McCormick, former WCBC Safety Chairs

Many of us are now dragging our bikes out from wherever they’ve been stored during the winter months. As you get ready to ride this spring, consider the following questions:

Is my bicycle ready?

If you’re not sure (and even if you are), go ahead and do an ABC Quick Check:

  • Check the air pressure and the surface area of your tires for small, pointy objects that could end up puncturing the tube.
  • Check the brakes and brake pads (are they wearing evenly, is there enough pad left?).
  • Check chain, crank arms, and cassette (are the crank arms tight, is the chain clean?).
  • Check any quick connects (are they tight?).


Am I ready?

  • Wear as many vibrant, clashing colors as possible – stay away from basic black.
  • Follow the rules of the road, just like you expect motorists to do, and signal your intent to other drivers (turns, stops, slowing).
  • Keep your attention on the road and on the traffic around you – leave the ear buds at home.
  • Know your rights on the road and ride accordingly.
  • Treat other drivers as you would like them to treat you – there’s a balance between assertive and aggressive.


If you’re interested in additional safety tips, check out the 6 minute Motorist & Bicyclist Safety Video. The same page also contains a StreetSense video with short chapters on tips for safer cycling. Both are worth watching.