Survey #1 – Communication

Communication Survey (2019)

A brief Survey of membership to determine what forms of communication are preferred.
    What form(s) of Communication have YOU had with the Club? Please check all that apply above.
  • What is the method that you would prefer to receive communication FROM the Club? Only select one above.
  • What is the method that you would prefer when sending communication TO the Club? Only select one above.
  • Is it important to You to have the method of communicating with other members of the Club? Currently that is being handled via the Listserve.
  • In the box above, please share any comments you might have about Club Communication, whether to you or from you. We are always looking to make communication with and between members better. Thank you for taking the time to complete this brief questionnaire.
  • Your Information

  • Within the line above please provide your name. This information will not be used for any purpose other than tabulating the Survey results.
  • Are you currently a member of the Club?
    How many years have you been a member? Please select the most appropriate range listed above.
  • Please enter the code listed to keep bots out of our Survey.