They Are In The Lead

Whether they are refreshing their skills or joining the group for the first time, a big thank you is extended to the individuals who attended the recent Ride Leader Orientation with Ride Captain Brian Albin. 

The generosity of all these volunteers’ time and their enthusiasm for cycling make every weekly, weekend and holiday outing on the Ride Calendar possible. Look for them on your next ride.

Ride Leader Orientation Participants 

  • Art Berger
  • Jeff Bricker
  • Randy Bouchard
  • Gary Cain
  • Daniel del Busto
  • Richard Fernandes 
  • George Holoman
  • Jamal Hunt
  • Franz Kappel
  • Jennifer Kraut
  • Carol MacQueen
  • Jim Martin
  • Jamie Plower
  • Jonathan Ripsom
  • Jose Rodriguez
  • Jimmy Vennard
  • Natalie Zemaitis