1Q — What We’ve Done

Using your responses and suggestions from the 4 major ride event surveys along with the membership survey, here is the Club’s improvement progress in the first quarter:

Ride Calendar

✅ Schedule Family rides

✅ Schedule Saturday rides

✅ Conduct Saturday rides

✅ Schedule Zwift Club rides

✅ Conduct Zwift Club rides


✅ Create access to real-time Club communication platform (Discord)

✅ Improve website

✅ Publish monthly welcome message announcing individuals who joined the club 

Major Supported Ride Events

✅ Discount cost via Club membership 

✅ Schedule 3 start times for 3 different speed levels so individuals can elect to join and ride as group (#RideTogether)

✅ Solicit homemade snacks contributions for rest stops again

Our next progress report will be published at the end of second quarter.

*Posted per results, requests and/or suggestions from 2023 event ride and member surveys.