Icicle Metric Has Strong Turnout

The cycling season has officially begun with the iconic Icicle Metric.

This year´s edition was more weather-friendly than recent rides with a cold, crisp and sunny Saturday morning in April. One hundred eleven cyclists registered for this event that has run almost annually for more than 40 years. The registration represents an increase of 32% greater than 2023 and the 2nd highest in 7 years.

The 17 mph winds did provide some challenges as did the up to 3,861 feet of elevation on the combined 3 routes for totaling 67 miles. This year, all the rest stops provided a welcomed respite with both indoor rest rooms and refueling areas. Also available were 3 group meet points designated of 17-19 mph, 14-16 mph and 12-14 mph for any rider looking for similarly focused cycling companions.* 

Thanks and kudos to all the cyclists for participating. Appreciative nods to all the volunteers for their help at rest stops, registration and set-ups. A shoutout goes to all the individuals who brought the member-requested homemade goods.*

A special thank you to Brian Donovan, who has now helmed the Icicle for 8 years. He is stepping aside with Jamie Plower taking the lead role next year. 

*Implemented per results, requests and/or suggestions from 2023 event ride and member surveys.