Count On It

Each January, new year resolutions are made. For 2024, consider creating a resolution that counts. Literally. 

Log your commuter (non-recreational) active-transportation miles via bicycles, e-bikes, scooters, hoover boards and walks. 

Not alternate commuting yet? Why not give it a try? Saves money, builds fitness, avoids traffic, improves air quality and gets you outside.

Count your miles in apps such as Garmin, Komote, Strava, Ride Report and FitBit. Commuting totals in Strava will also reflect your carbon savings. 

Recording your cycling on Delaware Commute Solutions or Commuter Services of Pennsylvania apps enables you to earn points towards rewards.

Or go old school and write your totals in a notebook. You may be surprised how it adds up.

Besides your personal commute achievements, local officials using active-vehicle commuting stats receive insight on traffic patterns and where riders feel safe on the road. This data is valuable for creating bike-friendly infrastructure. 

Need help getting started as an self-powered commuter? Bike Delaware and Newark Bike Project can provide information on local routes and travel infrastructure.

So if walking to the store, riding to the post office or hoovering to pick up dinner, make it count. Record your active transportation mileage.