Guest Speaker Shaun Gundel:  Winter Training Tips & Demos

At the January Executive Committee meeting, which was open to all Club members on Zoom, Certified Athletic Trainer Shaun Gundel presented some of his expertise for cyclists’ winter training.

Shaun first recommended strength training as a key for off-season workouts.

“Don’t worry about muscle size,” he advised. “Improving your strength is smart for functional movements and stability.”

Prioritizing a focus on full core fitness is a great idea in the winter. Resistance bands and planks can strengthen your midsection. 

“No one really likes planks, but they are really effective,” said Shaun.

WCBC YouTube Link:  Shaun demos 4 strength exercises

Winter is time for using heavier weights than in summer cycling season when lighter weights are preferable. Stability and balance exercises are also ideal indoor workouts.

“Building strength and stability now will pay off in your riding for spring, summer and fall,” concluded Shaun. 

For more winter fitness information or setting up your own personal training with Shaun, contact him via shaungundel@siegeljcc.org.