Party Like It’s 1973

What we’re doing in 1973? Listening to 8-tracks? Going to the drive-in? Riding your steel 10-speed? Some folks were creating a new cycling club. 

WCBC founding members John Bare, Wally Hertler, Bob McBride and Dick Shea shared their memories with current members at WCBC’s 50th Anniversary year-long mid-point recognition.

Prior to the lunch with the special guests, a trio of rides of 18, 32 and 50 miles encompassed New Castle, James A. Markell Trail, Monkey Hill Climb and Delaware’s highest point. Bike Delaware President Executive Director James Wilson generously provided a much appreciated lemonade rest stop in New Castle.

At the lunch, a dozen prize drawings and resolution from the Delaware State Senate were presented. Bob had digital archives of the old Club newsletter, Tailwind, for folks to peruse and offered copies to keep.

Dick lent his 1970-era club jersey and a jacket resplendently adorned with achievement patches for display at the luncheon. WCBC will have opportunities to showcase Dick’s vintage apparel at other Club

Other former Executive Committee members participating in the festivities were JW Haupt, Carol Ireland, Ceci McCormack and John McCormack. JW was honored for his unprecedented 7 years as WCBC President.

Special thanks go to Executive Committee members Brian Donovan, Bill Ebbott, Mike Katz and Holly Maddams for their leadership on this celebration. Also, extra kudos to Club members for Tom Brazill, Gary Cain, JW Haupt and Carol Ireland for their assistance. 

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