Michael Castle Trail Rides

UPDATE (10/05/19): The State has extended the Club’s ride permit for Club-led rides on the Castle Trail on Thursday evenings for the Fall/Winter season.  If you wish to participate in the Club-led rides please carefully read all of the text below and then download, complete and forward the forms to the Ride Leader that has posted the ride on the Ride Calendar.  You will not be permitted to join the ride unless you comply with all of the requirements below.

In an effort to provide alternate locations for weekly rides, WCBC reached out to the State of Delaware about leading rides on the Castle Trail along the C & D Canal.  Since this land is managed by the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife, no one is permitted to use the Trail between dusk and dawn without special permission from the State.  WCBC has secured permission again and will be leading rides along the Castle Trail on Thursday evenings. 

Castle Trail Night Ride – 2017

Because of the coordination with the State and that the special use permit is being issued to the Club, these rides are being offered as Members-Only rides and membership in the WCBC is a prerequisite.  (Not a member?  See the link below)

However, the State has imposed certain restrictions on our permitted use of the Trail for these evening rides. One of the requirements is that ALL participants be listed on the special use permit issued to the Club prior to the ride.  In order to be a participant on the ride, a cyclist MUST complete both of the forms linked below and forward scans (in PDF) of the completed forms to the Ride Leader listed within the ride posting on the Ride Calendar.  The Ride Leader will then submit the completed forms to the State and those cyclists will be listed on the special use permit.  In order to do this the completed forms MUST be received by the Ride Leader no later than 12:00 pm (noon) on the Monday prior to the ride.  Forms received after 12:00 (noon) Monday will be submitted to the State for the ride that will occur the following week.  If your name is not listed on the special use permit YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO RIDE WITH THE GROUP.

Participants only need to complete the forms one time, as once they are listed on the special use permit their name will remain until the special use permit expires at the end of the Fall/Winter season.

Please read the two forms thoroughly before you sign them as the State has imposed certain requirements on participants such as having a front headlight and a rear taillight on all bikes, reflective tape/clothing on front and back of all users, etc.,  which must be strictly observed.  If you don’t have it – you cannot ride.

If you cannot abide by all of the rules and restrictions imposed by the State, do not participate in the ride.  The State does not normally issue a permit for this purpose, so not following ALL of the rules and restrictions will jeopardize use of the trail by WCBC for these evening rides.  

PLEASE NOTE:  For the trial program the State has limited us to 50 participants, so the first 50 people to sign up will be the only ones allowed to do this ride for the entire trial period. We cannot swap names on and off of the permit.  This is unlike how we do ride waivers, but this is what the State is requiring for the trial period. Once your name is on the permit, it will remain for the entire trial period. 

Any questions please email President@whteclaybicycleclub.org

You must complete and return BOTH forms – 

Form 1-Michael Castle Trail extended hours access waiver

Form 2-Michael Castle Trail extended hours permit acknowledgement 2019 – 2020


Not a member of WCBC?  Select this link for Membership information 


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