Survey Introduction Page

The White Clay Bicycle Club is a club of cyclists, nothing more.  


Although we all share Cycling as a common interest, we each have our own reasons for cycling.  Some are social, some for fitness, some as a stress reliever, and some to challenge themselves.  We all have OUR reasons and the Club is here to support those needs as best it can.

With that the Club will be soliciting your opinion on how to make for a better experience.  To accomplish this we will be running a series of short surveys to take the pulse of the membership and gather information to help to direct the path of the club in the coming years. 

As with any group, it will be impossible to satisfy the needs of everyone, but we hope to satisfy the needs of the majority.  To do this we need you to share your thoughts and please be honest with us. 

Please check the page weekly for the latest Survey.  These surveys will be open for a week at a time, and then closed for the next survey to be activated.  We don’t anticipate these surveys taking more than a few minutes to complete.

Thank you in advance for your participation and helping to define the future direction of the Club.

JW Haupt
WCBC President

Survey of the Week…  

Survey #1 – Communication