Let Them Know

As riding season begins, roads may be unlike when you last rode in late 2023. More debris is on the road: Sticks, leaves, tree limbs, construction materials, potholes, grit, gravel and even dead animals. All these things and more can up the hazard levels for those who take to the roads this year.  

But there is help. The Delaware Department of Transportation, (DelDOT) is dedicated to maintaining nearly all the state roads. Its maintenance department’s main purpose is to ensure safe roads for all—including cyclists. But DelDOT has a hurdle to overcome—Identifying where the problem areas are. So tell them…

And telling them is easy. DelDOT has a system in place to report issues. If you are aware of a roadway issue, contact the DelDOT Transportation Management Center (operating 24/7/365) at 302-659-4600, #77 on your cell, TMC1@delaware.gov via email or Report and Issue form on its website.

I’ve provided alerts of the grit and gravel that builds up on roadways and shoulders we use for Club rides. Typically, within a day or two, the problem areas are cleaned up. DelDOT is super responsive and does a great job clearing the areas of debris.  

If you encounter a problem while riding, please take the time, either during the ride or immediately after, to report the issue to DelDOT. You may have made it through safely, the next cyclists may not be as fortunate.