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We Are Now Friends

Changes for the better.

You may have noticed that there are two Facebook pages for WCBC.  One is the voice of the Club (www.facebook.com/whiteclaybicycleclub) and the other is a Facebook Group page (www.facebook.com/groups/146834435354426).  The major difference being that only the Club admin can post on the Club page. The public may comment but cannot initiate a post.  The Group page, however, can have posts initiated by others, including you.

There has been confusion because both FB pages displayed the same name in the banner, so to help to eliminate that confusion the Group page has been renamed “Friends of White Clay Bicycle Club.” In addition to the name change, the Friends page has undergone a few other changes.  The page has moved from a Public to a Private page.  The page can still be found via a search and the content viewed by anyone, but it is less likely to be the focus of nuisance attacks.  To be permitted to initiate a post one first has to join.  A request to join will be approved by our admin.  Posts will also have to be reviewed and approved by our admin.  Once a trusted member, you will be added to the list of those whose posts can be made without review and approval.

These changes to the Group page are a result of the nuisance posts that were plaguing the site and the amount of work the admin had to do to not only remove those posts that were being made by bots, but reviewing and deleting bot posts before they made it onto the Group page.

We hope that you will continue to follow both the Club page and the Group page as they provide different levels and types of information that we hope are beneficial to the local cycling community.